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  Sousan Karimi
4828 Oak Way,
Raleigh NC 27613
Voice: 919-306-1006

Sousan Karimi has a M.S. in Computer Science specializing in distributed databases, and has completed her course work towards a Ph.D. in Computer Science. She is the president of Silver Krescent Inc.,. Her prior position was a principal research engineer at MCNC Research and Development Institute's Center for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval (CNIDR). Her primary responsibilities are to lead, design and develop distributed, interactive web based information retrieval applications. Her projects include the design and development of middleware components for the patent searching system of the US Patent and Trademark Office, working with minority serving institutions creating a collaboration center, and a web-based query system to search agricultural survey data. She is an active member of the Grid Information Retrieval Working Group in the Global Grid Forum, and has served as a panelist in the NSF Middleware Initiative (NMI) review panel. As a researcher at the University of Central Florida, she worked on a NASA-funded Q&A research project that used thematic roles and statistical analysis for performing data searches of NASA manuals. She has taught various computer science courses in the University of Central Florida and the University of Iowa.

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